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Aug 21, 2011 4:30am PDT
professional in that area. >> search engine optimization would be important for this type of thing, too. >> i think it would be easy because he's got such a specialty and such a niche that he could go for the really, really specifics key words and probably target even specific artists and specificier as of art, typeses of art work to dell dig in deep and to make it work and be cost effective. >> thank you very much for all of that advice. it was helpful. if any of you have a question for our experts all you to do is go to the website, it is again, the website is or if you'd rather e-mail us your questions and your comments. the address is >>> as we have all experienced, small business owners have problems to deal with. my next guest says that the people are successful don't necessarily know the answer to all of their issues, but they know what questions to ask. robert kaplan is a professor of management practice at the harvard business school, and he is also author of the new book "who to ask of the person in
Dec 22, 2012 2:30am PST
and doing the search engine optimization she needs to do so they find those items that and when they do get a big sale, they make sure the buyer feels appreciated. >> we have some marketing materials we leave with them and we really feel they do keep that marketing material and come back and come back and bookmark us on the web or call us and think of us at mother's day or father's day and other times of the year. >> the company has. found the perfect formula to completely break off the seasonal business title but they're still trying and are quite sure that eventually they're going to crack the code. >> i think our potential is unlimited because families are always looking for more ways to spend time together. >>> we've dealt with this question a lot over the past few years and it's a hard one. how do you sustain a seasonable business all year round. let's head to the table. mike is a founder of sub siddian launch and the author of "the pumpkin plan." great to see you both. >> great to see you. >> great to be here. >> we've done this story on people who have haunted houses and
Nov 6, 2011 4:30am PST
questions about key words for search engine optimization and finding developers for a start-up. and today's elevator pitcher saw the light for those of us who have trouble reading menus in those romantic but dimly lit bistros. shazi: seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. vo: get the card built for business spending. call 1-800-now-open to find out how the gold card can serve your business. >>> who you ever tried to read a restaurant menu by the light of that small candle on your table? it can be tough. but today's elevator pitcher came up with a solution to save your eyesight and your appetite. hi, good morning. >> good morning. gillian dinnerstein. >> good morning. barry moltz, nice to meet you. >> gillian dinn
Dec 16, 2012 4:30am PST
amber focuses on looking online to see perfect key words and doing the search engine optimization that she needs to do to get them to draw to our website so that they find those items. >> and when they get a new sale, they make sure the buyer becomes appreciated and becomes a repeat customer. >> we have marketing materials that we leave with them and we feel they take that marketing material and bookmark us on the web and call us or think of us as mother's day and father's day or other times of the year. >> the company hasn't found the perfect formula to break off the title. but they're still trying and are quite sure they're going to crack the code. >> i think our potential is unlimited because families are always looking for more fun ways to spend time together. >> we've dealt with this question a lot over the past few years and it's a hard one. how do you sustain a seasonal business year-round? let's turn to this week's board of directors. jeffrey haze let is the het head of the hazelet group and author of "running the gauntlet." and mike mcalowitz is the founder of object obsidian
Oct 27, 2012 2:30am PDT
limited resources on what actually works. >> if i am going to do search engine optimization to drive traffic to my site, what's going to be the one matrick that's going to prove that this is working to me? then you want to go into analytics and figure out how you can measure that. never do a thing online unless you are measuring it. if you are going to spend one penny and you are not measuring it, you are in the right place, las vegas. you might as well gamble. >> being intentional about everything you do online is also something mark senacola, president and ceo of banner stresses. >> it is not just about digital or offline strategy. you have to have an integrated strategy to get the most benefit. viral marketing is one of those ways you can do that. at the same time, it is not just about posting that crazy cat video. it is more about bringing it into the real world and how you can meld those two together to get the most success for your campaign. >> with a lot on the agenda, more was covered than admittedly, most of us can wrap our heads around. overall, the conference also
Feb 4, 2012 2:30am PST
search engine optimization. use the correct key words throughout your text. put in plenty of links and include images and videos throughout your site. >>> his ground-breaking new york city nightclub studio 54 was the hottest ticket of his day. his hotel morgans reinvented the style for chic boutique hotels. ian trigger is yet again turning heads with a collection of exclusive hoegs and restaurants around the world including the brand new public chicago hotel on that city's gold coast. we caught up with this trend-setting entrepreneur to find out how he manages to build the buzz and stay ahead of the curve in a down economy in this "learning from the pros." ♪ shake it shake it ♪ shake your groove thing shake your groove thing yeah, yeah ♪ >> it's an instinct, a feeling, this is what's happening, this is where people are going. the velvet rope came about, when we opened up studio 54, we were in a bad neighborhood. a lot of street people. we wanted to keep the street people out. so we put up the rope. then that kind of turned into a bit of a frankenstein monster. that smacked of eli
Mar 2, 2012 3:00pm PST
, paid search and natural search engine optimization experts. all the way to business analysts. we're also looking for energetic and driven talent to join our expanding inside sales teams. >> now are these permanent jobs and where are they located in the country? >> yes, these are all full-time red ventures positions. we have a few spots still remaining for our summer internship program for rising college seniors. the positions are spread across all three of our locations. so our headquarters facility in ft. mill, south carolina, which is just about a mile from charlotte, north carolina. where we were recently named the best place to work for the second year in a row. and our two additional locations in san antonio, texas, and miami, florida. >> now most of the jobs are in sales and marketing, but does the company offer on-the-job training? >> absolutely, we do. you know, we do not necessarily require previous experience. so for our inside sales positions, we're looking for that self-starter, driven individual to come into our program. and we offer an extensive combination in classroo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7